VOID Acoustics: Tri Motion, Arcline 8, Stasys 218, Bias...

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04x VOID Acoustics Tri Motion tops
12x VOID Acoustics Arcline 8 line array
08x VOID Acoustics Stasys 218 subs (some subs need new foam)
02x VOID Acoustics ArcM 15 monitor (demo)
02x VOID Acoustics Bias VQ (Powersoft) + power cables
02x VOID Acoustics Bias V9 (Powersoft) + power cables
06x VOID Acoustics Bias V3 (Powersoft) + power cables
02x VOID Acoustics flyframe
02x Flightcase on wheels for 4x Arcline 8
04x Flightcase for Tri Motion (1 flightcase has damage!)

From fixed club installation.

Used, signs of usage & perfect working condition.

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€ 72.499,00 / set

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