Complete Void Acoustics Nexus system + Powersoft X8/X4 amps

Selling for a customer:
8x Void Nexus XL incl. 8x Void cover
2x Void Nexus Q incl. 2x Void cover
2x Void Nexus 6 incl. 2x flightcase on wheels
2x Void Bias Q5 amplifier (=Powersoft X4)
1x Void patch panel
1x Powersoft X8 amplifier
1x Catcore X8 output panel
2x SpeakOn cables 25m (8pole)
4x SpeakOn cables 25m (4pole)
6x SpeakOn cables 10m (4pole)
2x SpeakOn cables 5m (4pole)
6x SpeakOn link cables
XLR snake, UTP snake, various cables (XLR, jack etc...), splitters
2x flightcase for amplifiers
Switchboard for 32amp connections
Various power distro's

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€ 56.999,00 / set

Currently 1 set in stock.

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