KV2 Audio VHD system complete.

02x KV2 Audio VHD2.0 (2x12”/2x8”/1,4”, 142dB) top L/R
02x KV2 Audio VHD1.0 (12”/8”/1,4”, 137dB) downlfill L/R
08x KV2 Audio ES2.6 (2x15”) subwoofer
02x KV2 Audio VHD2000 amplifier
02x KV2 Audio VHD3200 amplifier
02x Carts for VHD2.0
02x Covers for VHD2.0
02x Carts for VHD1.0
02x Covers for VHD1.0
04x Carts for ES2.6
02x Custom cases with distribution for amps
02x Fly frame for VHD2.0, VHD1.0
02x Fly frame for ES2.6
All connection cables included

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